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Alison Tedford Seaweed

Carrie Lamb

Carrie is an Indigenous woman, leader, and human resources professional with over 17 years of experience. Carrie’s personal mission is to create safe spaces where Indigenous peoples and their allies can achieve their respective goals. She understands the value of connecting with employees on a deeper level to support their growth. 

Alison is Nakwaxdaʼxw woman, Kwakiutl First Nation member and Indigenous communications professional. Drawing upon more than a decade of experience, Alison helps entrepreneurs, government, nonprofits, and brand leaders to reimagine Indigenous inclusion. She provides strategic guidance, translating these visions into tangible, actionable steps. 

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25% of the proceeds from the series will be donated to the Tears to Hope Society

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Truth and Reconciliation Series

Shedding light on the lasting impacts of colonialism while offering a path towards reconciliation. 

A 15-day learning journey

Self-guided learning

Looking to learn at your own pace? 

Self-guided learning is ideal for those working indirectly with Indigenous peoples and those solely focused on personal learning and growth.

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Ideal for those in a leadership role or those working directly with Indigenous peoples.

Two expert led live sessions

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Sharing and learning circle

15 days of 15 minute learning modules

Video lessons

Truth telling passages

Reflection prompts

Quizzes and much more!

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February 26th - March 15th

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*to ensure a culturally safe environment, spaces will be limited*

1) Welcome session and level setting

2) Land acknowledgements 

3) Indian act and systemic racism 

4) Myth busting and common misconceptions

5) Political and economic marginalization 

6) Intergenerational trauma 

7) Residential schools


9) 60's scoop 

10) 'Indian' hospitals

11) Words of wisdom from our facilitators 

12) Supporting your Indigenous colleagues 

13) Deconstructing racism and denialism in the workplace 

14) Knowledge gaps and finding remedies 

15) Supporting Indigenous economy