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Join the 30 Day CheckingIn Challenge to increase your self-awareness, elevate your mood, and connect more deeply with the people you care about.

A simple way to help you become aware of your emotions in less than 30 seconds a day.

Improve your well-being

Amazing challenge. I was initially sort of sceptical as to how helpful this would be. I’ve actually been using it everyday and love that it adapts over time to help you reevaluate thought processes. 

I would recommend this app for anyone who has felt they have ever had a cyclical thought process where they’ve been trapped instead of moving forward.

Highly recommend! Everyone could benefit from this challenge. So simple and quick to use and I feel that it has a meaningful impact on my day to day emotions and mental health. Will be recommending to all family, friends and co-workers :) Definitely worth the $1 a day.

“Absolutely loving this challenge! 
So simple and quick, yet super effective. 
In just a few seconds each day, its helped me feel better.”

Why take the challenge?

Choose to sit with your emotions or work through them in order to elevate your mood.

See the changes in your well-being from start to finish with your custom well-being report.

Build self-awareness

Practice daily mindfulness

How it works?

What's included?

Complete your initial 
well-being assessment

Check in at least once a 
day for 30 days

Receive custom 16 page actionable insight report

Ready to take the challenge?

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Don't just take our word for it

Julia Farnandis

January 18, 2021

February 12, 2021

Thomas Oscar

Baseline well-being assessment
Discover where your current measures of well-being are across 8 well-being scales.

A PhD led efficacy study
Top PhD's from the University of British Columbia are administering the challenge and report for you.

CheckingIn Plus app access
200+  reflections, 50+ mindfulness exercises, daily check in prompts, and custom trend insights. 

Comprehensive insight report
A 16 page personalized report outlining the impact the 30 day challenge had on your; life happiness, life satisfaction, life meaning, life engagement, well-being, self-reflection, self-insight, and mindfulness.  

Access to our private community
Join fellow challenge participants in an exclusive CheckingIn community group.  

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