Manager Mental Health Training

Studies show, people are up to 12% more productive when their mental health is strong. 

Show your team you care 

Why join the program?

Your team is much more likely to remain in their current position if they are working in a healthy, enjoyable, work environment. 

By learning to manage your teams mental health, you will show your team they are more than simply a means to an end, they are part of a community.

Increase productivity

Increase longevity and reduce turnover

How it works?

What will I learn?

Become a Checkingin enterprise client - this will give you and your team access to multiple workplace mental health webinars, as well as the CheckingIn app. 

Attend the live session via zoom. 

Use the knowledge from the webinar to create a workplace that prioritizes mental health.

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To spot signs of poor mental health
There are many ways to spot poor mental health in your team, such as body language, lack of motivation, and lack of productivity 

How to make mental health a consistent priority in the workplace
It is important to be proactive in managing your team's mental health. Check-in before the situation becomes out of hand. 

To have deeper conversations with your team members 
Having conversations about mental health with your team can feel intimidating. This live session will help answer questions such as "Am I overstepping?"

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 Next session is March 28th at 9AM PST

Meet your Speaker

Jordan Friesen is the founder and president of Mindset Mental Health Strategy 

He has dedicated his life's work to building mental health strategies for companies that want to increase longevity and create a more compassionate workforce. He now spearheads a variety of initiatives focused on workplace mental health. 

In addition to consulting, Jordan holds a master's degree in occupational therapy, and is an experienced mentor and public speaker!

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