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2SLGBTQIA+ Workplace Inclusivity 

DEI 101: Cultivating an Inclusive Culture

Neurodiversity in the Workplace

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DEI 101: Cultivating an Inclusive Culture

Learn what DEI is, why it's important, and how you can cultivate an environment of understanding and inclusivity. 

Ky Sargeant has led numerous grassroots inclusion efforts to support the experiences of LGBTQ2+, BIPOC, and neurodiverse students at the UBC Sauder School of Business, as well as assisted senior administration in implementing institutional EDI initiatives. 

Embrace Differences, Empower Unity

Indigenous Truth & Reconciliation



 Each of your team members will get a seat to the workshop of your choosing. 

Access to video lessons, reflections, resources, and DEI action items. 

What's Included?

4 Expert Led Workshops

Join us quarterly for an hour-long session with one of our carefully selected experts. 

Each session will cover a different theme, led by a new host.

Video Lessons

We believe learning should be continuous. 

To support what you have learned in each workshop, you will gain access to video lessons to further your learning.

Guided Reflections and Action

Take what you have learned and put it into practice! 

This program includes a DEI guide where you will reflect on your own actions and how you can personally create a more inclusive world for all. 

per session

Why it matters

Improved Workplace Culture

Innovation and Creativity

Increased Customer Satisfaction

When employees feel respected and valued for their differences, they are more likely to be engaged and productive.

A diverse team can bring a wider range of perspectives and ideas, which can foster innovation and creativity.

When employees are trained to appreciate and respect different cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives, they are better equipped to connect with and serve customers from different backgrounds. 


for all 4 sessions.

Each of your team members will get a seat to all four of the "Deep Dive Into DEI" workshops

Access to video lessons, reflections, resources and DEI action items. 

(New content each session)

2SLGBTQIA+ Workplace Inclusivity

This workshop will cover experiences and challenges faced by 2SLGBTQIA+ individuals in the workplace, the importance of allies and allyship, and strategies for creating safe and inclusive work environments.

Indigenous Truth & Reconciliation

In this session, you will learn about the importance of active reconciliation, how to create a safe environment, and how to hold space for Indigenous team members. 

Neurodiversity In The Workplace

This session will highlight neurodiversity rights and teach you to create an environment of accessibility for neurodivergent team members. 

Sydney Elaine Butler is an HR Professional and the founder of Accessible Creates. They conduct training and consulting for leaders on how to be more accessible and inclusive and how to recruit a diverse team of individuals through the lens of Intersectionality. 

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