5 Days of Intentionality

Become more clear on what you want, and to manage your goals so they are sustainable.

Create meaningful change in your life

Why join the program?

 We will help you understand your purpose, and lean into this purpose to create a more fulfilling life.

Let go of parts of your life that are no longer serving you, and move forward with peace.

Learn to set manageable goals

Connect with your purpose

What's included?

Daily Lessons

Access to the CheckingIn app and our mindfulness features. 

Daily exercises to nurture intentionality.

Intentionality meditations and journal prompts.

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Setting intentions
On day one, we will help you decide what you would like to be more intentional about, and how to create goals that support these intentions. 

Connecting with loved ones
We will ask you to reflect on the relationships you truly cherish, and teach you to deepen these relationships or re-connect with those you value. 

Letting go
Become clear about what is no longer serving you, and how to let go of these blockers in a productive way. 

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work on purpose, play on purpose, rest on purpose.

Podcasts and videos to support your learning.

Establishing daily mental health/self-care rituals
Daily rituals are a crucial part of living intentionally. Learn which self-care practices will best support your intentions. 

Affirmations help us stay grounded in our purpose. Explore affirmations to find the ones that resonate with you. 

Individual package

Team package


Includes one access pass to the 5 days of intentionality guide.

Access to the mindfulness features in the CheckingIn app.


Includes 5 access passes to the 5 days of intentionality guide.

Gives your team access to the mindfulness features in the CheckingIn app.